With the availability of land becoming tighter than ever, higher density living is becoming more acceptable. This is why Duplex development is a popular choice for investors and home owners alike.
A duplex is a residential building containing two homes on the same block of land. They can be either attached or detached, side by side or one in front of the other.

Who do Duplexes appeal to?

We have built duplexes for large developers, investors looking to capitalise on the potential of on-selling each unit or renting one or each for a great return, and families where parents live in one side and children or extended family live in the other.
In our experience, a significant number of duplexes are replacing older single homes. This allows the owner to maximise the potential of their land.

Building a Duplex with Mornington Homes

When building a Duplex with Mornington Homes, everything is taken care of. We are experts in Size, Position and House Style. We can advise on the best way to get the most value out of your investment and your block.

We take care of everything from design, approvals, demolition (if required) and construction.
At Mornington Homes we can provide you with a total turn key solution.

Some advantages of building a duplex include:

- Takes advantage of whole block
- Reduced building costs
- Lower stamp duty, holding fees, insurance costs and council rates
- No strata fees
- Higher tax depreciation

The best advantage though is the ability to create equity quickly with a high rate of return for your investment.

If building a duplex appeals to you, there are few things to consider before getting started:

- A Viable budget
- Size and orientation of your land
- The width of your block
- Size of Duplex, number of rooms etc
- Garaging requirements i.e where each units cars will park
- Possible impact on neighbouring properties
- Zoning of your land

Having the answers to these things will help your Mornington Homes consultant ensure that your needs can be met, and we can reach realistic goals.